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Fundamentals of Power Quality


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All power is not created equal and poor power quality can put undue wear and tear on computers, data, and mission critical infrastructure. In this course, students will gain an insight into power quality and its impact on a facility, how to troubleshoot possible power problems, power monitoring, and the tolerances of computer equipment.

Course Outline and Main Topics Covered

  • Electricity Basics
  • Transmission of Power
  • Understanding Power Problems
  • Tolerances of Computer Equipment
  • Power Monitoring
  • The Deregulation Wildcard
  • Troubleshooting Power Quality

 An enhanced online learning experience

DCProfessional Development’s interactive e-learning software is designed to be used without manuals or workbooks. The tutorials are completely self-explanatory with each individual module taking you through several worked examples.

The extensive use of graphics and animation provides simulation of the work environment, as well as making the tutorials interesting to use.

Advanced educational techniques

Advanced educational techniques for providing assistance and feedback are also incorporated throughout the e-learning titles.

All software is divided into a number of modules, each of which are then split into a number of sections comprising a series of interactive pages, The navigation controls allow the user to work through the materials sequentially, or to access pages directly, so that they can be used as reference material.