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Business Studies ABC is a Course

Business Studies ABC

Ended Mar 31, 2015
4 credits

Full course description

What you will study

This module introduces you to the different internal and external elements of a business, helping you to understand the context in which a business operates. It explores common aims and characteristics of business and what makes them different. Business structures, cultures and functions are identified and the political, social, economic, technological and ethical considerations affecting business are introduced.

The module explores the question ‘What is a business?’ and investigates the business functions of human resource management, marketing and accounting and finance. It consists of five study books: 

  • What is a business?
  • An introduction to human resource management  in business
  • An introduction to accounting and finance in business
  • An introduction to marketing in business
  • Different ways of looking at business.

Together with learning resources accessed through the website, these bring together all the various functional elements in an analysis of a business case study.